Choosing your own makeup artist

You don’t get married or get a tattoo when you choose a makeup artist. Finding a makeup artist is a long and serious matter. And the approach must be appropriate.

Usually posts about choosing a makeup artist are like a post about choosing a proctologist: “Make sure the makeup artist wears disposable gloves before he sticks his fingers in your orifices. Make sure he only uses surgical steel brushes. The right makeup artist should only work with Kim Kardashian tears and Yves Saint Laurent facial scrapings” and other nonsense.

Believe me: what cosmetics a makeup artist uses and how often he disinfects his brushes is not the most important information you should pay attention to.

About cosmetics I will tell so: I personally know masters who make up Lumene and Vivienne Sabo and their works are really cool and stylish; at the same time I know those who, working with Tom Ford and Dior, make smear and dirt on the client’s face.

Concerning disinfection: if a brush-maker is adequate and takes care of his main working tool – brushes, in 99% of cases he will use special cleansing wipes or special shampoos and soaps for brushes that already come with disinfectant. But flaunting it, or even making it your “thing,” is strange at the very least – it’s like bragging about brushing your teeth in the morning or taking a shower every day.

But what you need to look at when choosing a makeup artist is their work.

In this age of social networking it somehow dictates the rules and we all create their portfolios either on the platform of Instagram, or Vkontakte, or send at the request of a client in ICQ – a variant for the hardcore.

There we show in all the details what we can do. If the makeup artist has worked for at least six months, most likely he has decided on his own style and is showing it intensively through photos of his work.

It’s extremely unreasonable to make an appointment with a master who makes bright colors and expect a weightless nude, and vice versa, to demand a black tuxedo and red lips from a master who works in the naturale style.

You don’t go to a bakery looking for mountain skis. The situation here is similar.

Pay attention to how heavily processed the photos are. We all use photo editors, but some of us just brighten up the photo, and some of us bleach the skin and all the touches to hide their lack of professional skills.

Drag your fingers in different directions – a zoom photo will help bring the master out in the open.

And if you chose a particular master, even if it was recommended by your aunt/girlfriend/sister/grandmother, look at his page in social networks, to choose those works that you liked.

And do it not on the basis of “Oh, a beautiful girl and a cool picture,” but on the basis of whether you are ready to “wear” this makeup.

And the last thing: if you chose a makeup artist because you liked his work, then to orient him on your own desired makeup, show him a photo of the work that you liked. From there, the master will do everything himself.

And don’t show someone else’s work – it’s just trivial. If you like another makeup artist’s work, why don’t you just go to him?

Take these simple tips, choose your partner and guide in the world of makeup, emphasize your beauty and be beautiful everywhere and always.
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