What temperature can lava reach?

When a volcano spews magma to the surface, it turns into lava when it comes into contact with oxygen and other gases in the atmosphere. The red-hot lava flows down the slopes, destroying all life in its path. What temperature can this substance reach?

This is interesting: the density of lava is three times that of water, so if you jump into a moving stream of lava, you will not drown in it, but simply burn on the surface.
The minimum possible temperature of lava is about 300 C. The same temperature is easily reached, for example, in a pizza oven. But volcanoes can also spew lava with temperatures up to 1200 C!

Such a big difference in lava temperature depends on the chemical composition of the substance. Generally, basalt lava, which has a high percentage of metallic components in its composition, reaches the highest temperature values compared to other types of lava.

The hotter the lava, the faster it rolls down the slopes. Experienced volcanologists can “eyeball” the temperature of the lava by knowing the composition of the local mountain

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