Car rental is a popular service that is very convenient for tourists and businessmen. Every day in the world, thousands of different cars are rented. In Dubai, this service is one of the most popular.

In this regard, there are many car rental companies operating in the market. And how do you choose among this variety of the very one – so as not to overpay, and services to get quality, and not to run into scammers? There are several criteria, which are worth paying attention to. Let’s look at them, and at the same time let’s check these criteria in relation to the company Dubai Car Rental.


On the experience. If you do not want to experiment, and you want to be sure that everything will be fine – choose a company that has been on the market for at least 3 years. This eliminates the possibility of falling for a scammer. For example, the company Dubai Car Rental has been working since 2013.
Reputation. Also important are the positive reviews from your clients – read them on the Internet. If the company is constantly berated, then you should not apply to it. But also do not forget that negative reviews leave more often, because when the client is satisfied with everything, as a rule, he just stays happy and does not write anything. However, if there are problems – people immediately want to report this to the whole world. As for Dubai Car Rental, our company has a lot of positive feedback from customers from different countries.
On the price and pricing policy. It is not worth overpaying for something you can get cheaper for the same quality. If a company is overpriced, there is no point in going to it. Dubai Car Rental offers affordable prices for car rental, respecting its customers. In addition to the prices itself, pay attention to the pricing policy, such as discounts for long-term rental and prices for additional services.
On represented fleet of cars. A good company must have a choice of cars for every taste, color and purse. If the company has about 10 cars, it means it is not good enough and you should look for another one. For example, Dubai Car Rental has six classes of cars: luxury, business, sports, limousines, SUVs and budget options. In each class there are many cars, and the client can really choose the best option for him.
On development. If the company stands still and does not develop – it is a sign of stagnation, even if it works quite stably. It is better to choose a company that is constantly moving forward. Our company is actively developing: for example, we have increased our activity in social networks, recently launched a new website, we are constantly expanding our fleet and so on.
On the professionalism and attitude to the client. Before ordering services, call the company and communicate, ask questions and see how you will be answered. If the employee speaks politely and is happy to help you, then you are valued here. An employee should be knowledgeable in all matters, otherwise he is not a professional. We are always glad to help you, we appreciate every client and we know our business very well!
For complex of additional services. If apart from the car rental itself, the company may offer you something else – it is a good company. For example, Dubai Car Rental offers also services of personal driver, meeting at the airport, personal concierge, organizing parties and limousine rental with driver.

So, above is a list of criteria that you should focus on when choosing a car rental company. In short: the company should be experienced, with a good reputation, favorable prices, a large fleet of cars, constantly evolving, to provide additional services and love their customers.

Yofleet is just such a company. So when choosing a car rental organization for Dubai – pay your attention to us. If in doubt – read our online reviews. If you have any questions – give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!

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