#BeingRealWithVsix: Sex is Overrated

I have always believed that nobody can or should say authoritatively that he or she understands this thing called love or relationship (intimate relationship) in its entirety, we can only define or describe it based on our experiences and understanding of it. Knowing that our understanding and experiences are relatives, hence the reason I will never brag to have understood everything about relationship, sex or even marriage.

Having this in mind, I believe sex is overrated. This has nothing to do with if I have had a bad sex experience, but me talking from my own viewpoint. The attention and hype given to it have made a lot of people thinking they are not good enough for their partner or their partner is not hitting the right spot, especially the way Nollywood and Hollywood have presented it. For the virgins, they feel they are missing and for the married or those in a relationship, they somewhat felt they are not getting enough from their partners

Don’t get me wrong, Sex is great, one of the best thing ever, especially when you are having it with someone you have this awesome feeling for, but the pressure to have sex is vastly overblown.

Having sex when you aren’t ready is a recipe for a bad time. Again the question of, when is the right time to have sex come to play. In a simple statement, I will say, when you are mature enough to understand the concept of sex.

Most times, we are exaggerating our sex experience before our friends to make them feel we are having an awesome time in our relationship. Especially guys, we exaggerate how good it feels and how much we’re having, we compete with each other and sometimes lie about how we had it or who we had it with, all just to boost our ego.

Also, the ever-increasing porn video on the internet has created a sex fantasy for most people. They have watched a lot of porn and think that that’s what a good sex experience should be, but I think that’s just you putting yourself in perpetual sadness as you might not get all that you desire in your quest to adventurous sex.

Now, just as I have said before, sex is great, enjoy it as it comes, you will not always give that amazing experience all the time, your partner might be a little less skillful or probably a complete novice. I think just as you grow in love, you can grow in your sex life; you guys can learn together and have a great relationship. Don’t believe your friends or neighbor who kept telling you about having a great sex experience he or she might just be lying.




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