BOOK : Out of the Cloud by Sode Oluwadamilola

Out of the Cloud is Dami Sode’s maiden book. It is an audacious eight chapter novel. When writing this short novel, she was inspired by the classic novel “Gifted Hands” by Ben Carson.

However, the primary source of her inspiration came from the struggles she had encountered in life. Her one wish is that soonest, she will be in that position that she had always wanted to be.

When you read this book, then you will know that the story of her life changed when she stopped feeling sorry for herself for not growing up in the arms of her parents.

She grew up knowing that life does gets better no matter the challenges. She stopped living life forgetting the down period while looking and working hard for a brighter future knowing fully well that life is full of problems and challenges.

This is a must read for every individual given birth by destiny, to the one who finds life empty, aimlessly and busy but not effective, to all who are opposed by the ignorance of others, to every generation that seeks meaning and reason for living.

Review of some of the chapters can be seen in the file in the below link


You can contact the author , Sode Oluwadamilola via the below

Facebook : Sode Opeyemi

Twitter : Damigold9

Instagram: Damigoldclothings



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