The key idea in this track is Long Distance Relationship. It may sometimes be ingenuine and hard to maintain. Although some incredibly work out.

Verse 1:
The first line “Good for my fantasy” shows that such relationships come with a lot of blissful and unreal imaginations. She further revealed those imaginations which includes a shopping spree and a very exciting holiday. With the line “It’s a fallacy you no go gree” she declared that it’s unrealistic, and nothing but a fantasy. However, people in such situation wouldn’t admit it.

From the perspective of a lady in such relationship, she revealed erotic desires with the line “Shoto shoto bo mi, Ti ti ri my body”. Furthermore, she showed in the line “Baby don’t criticize me” that they might be offended or feel criticized by opinions that are in contrast with what they believe.

The refrain of “O Gina, my fantasy” portrayed a switch to the perspective of a man who is feeling lovesick in such relationship. Thus, reiterating to the man also, that it’s just a fantasy.

Verse 2:
She aired that the lady was told by her man that come December, he’ll come home from London to get to know her better and spend quality time together. Hence, she’s glad she won’t be lonely by December.

This track depicts the travails of partners in long distance relationships. It can be deduced that some of such relationships are untrue and it only make partners fantasize a lot. However, the love in such relationship is apt to be true in some cases, and tends to work out.

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