The key idea in this track is Love. Be non-judgemental concerning individual required and accepted standards for a relationship. Being happy together is the most important thing.
Intro: (Future)
With the line “These red roses damn near turned to ashes” he expressed discontent to how people refuse to recognize who loves and is keeping it real because they had gotten their minds damaged by taking what they read on blogs hook,line and sinker.
Chorus: (Miguel, Future & Jhené Aiko)
The lines of this chorus showed the thought of Miguel as to whether Jhené Aiko within the context of this song does not feel she is being thought of as a hoe, because she revealed her erotic desires too quickly or gave herself too easily. To him, he doesn’t care, and he wouldn’t judge her. It’s just a sign that she knows what she wants.
Verse 1: (Jhené Aiko)
She revealed her admiration, erotic desires and the fact that she couldn’t stop thinking of the person she admired since they met. He asked him to to see her if he was free, and he shouldn’t get the wrong impression or be scared of the passion with which she wanted him, which may come off as aggressive.
Verse 2: (Future)
From his perspective, he likes his girl fit so much that he can dress her up how he feels and it will turn out good than a stylist will. With the line “Think about any drama when your body traumatizing” He revealed he also wanted her fit as physical health aids mental health. Hence, there won’t be drama. Using the word “worshipped” he also revealed he liked being respected, and she was caught up in the way her friends misunderstood it for dominance, thereby calling him “Jesus Christ” and thinking he worshipped Illuminati.
Chorus: (Jhené Aiko & Future)
From her perspective, she wouldn’t judge him, and being with him in spite of the standards won’t make her feel like a hoe, it only showed he knew what he wanted. And she decided to choose happiness over everything.
This track depicts not conforming to what the society, bloggers,motivational and inspirational speakers think is the ideal condition for a relationship. Everything that matters is finding happiness with your partner. Also, don’t be quick to judge or give your own opinion about other people’s relationship. HOE means you chose “Happiness Over Everything”

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