The Serious Tochukwu and The Unserious Eromose

All through this week, I have been advocating for good and productive friendship and Relationships at large and It has been interesting as people sometimes think it is either too difficult or too easy to do. I won’t say having a really good friend is difficult, neither will I say it has been easy, but I will say it is very possible because I have been blessed with few good friends and I a good friend to some people.

Before I proceed, welcome once again to Real Talk with Tee. How has been your week? I just might have some free tickets to give away to those readers in Enugu to attend the Falz Live in Enugu show holding next Saturday. I will keep you posted. And for those in Lagos, I have something awesome for you guys as well…

Now, the story you are about to read was written by my friend Eromose in 2016, I felt I should for us to know that having a good friend is very possible.

I picked up my pen and note pad to write something brief about my relationship with Tochukwu, and I thought to myself “why am I writing this?” “What do I want the world to know about our relationship?” Well, just to school my mind a little, I said to it that there are several things that the world needs to know about our relationship and it is important to always appreciate your friends in every possible way.

I will try as much as possible not to make this whole thing look so serious and please bear with me if you find some things that sound “odd” to you, but I trust the God that you will be encouraged by this information and have a transformed mind of what relationship is all about. Like I said earlier, I will try not to make this look so serious okay, after all, those who are close to me as my friend, know that Eromose is not always a “serious guy”. Smiles.

Oh! Forgive my writing habit. Professionals in the field of writing please don’t take this personal. “How could you have written up to this point and you have not yet made known to us who this ‘high and mighty’ friend is?” Relax, the name is passing through some screening and it will arrive soon okay. But while we wait, let’s talk about your own friend. Yes, your friend.

So, tell me about your friend.

Right there where you are, tell me what’s the first person that came to your mind when I asked you to tell me about your friend, you might probably have many but there is this one person you cherish more. Well in case you don’t have any there is nothing serious about that. 

How long have you known this person? How has this person influenced you positively? Yes, positively.

With the little time I and my friend have been together, I have come to understand that it is not by how long you have met each other that determines how well you know each other but how well you communicate regularly that matters. So, don’t get puffed up because you met your friend maybe 10yrs ago, 5yrs ago or even from childhood, what count is how well you know each other which can only happen when you communicate often.

Oh! I still have a few questions to ask. Have you ever studied the bible or prayed with your friend? Does your friend support your dream(s) and even partner with you?

A moment, please. I just got a message that my friend’s name is ready for the unveiling (for those who think they know the person I’m writing about, don’t be quick to conclude because it might just shock you. Smiles). Please with a smiling ovation make welcome Tochukwu  (Vsix). This is the name you have patiently followed me through up to this point to see.

This is my friend. The ever “serious guy”. He is a great man, and I must say that I’m glad to have met him. He is a guy that I’m proud of any day, anytime, anywhere. But I have one beef for him (smiles). I don’t know, any time they call him that name “Vsix” his head is always swelling. We both have a lecturer friend, another man I respect so much by name David Ofilli. I was opportune to have met him through Tochukwu. He always tells me “I don’t know what that your brother is always feeling like, he is always feeling like one superstar”.

Our relationship is unique because it is most especially built on and around godly principles. We are lovers of God and it is very evident. I will quickly discuss the last two questions I asked you earlier on and relate it to my relationship with Tochukwu.

“Have you ever studied the bible or prayed with your friend?” 


For us, this is something we do on a regular basis. It has become a part of us. I advise that you imbibe such into your relationship and if you are already doing so, thumbs up. Don’t be shy to tell him/her “let’s study the Bible together”. There is something you need to know, God’s Word (Bible) is the answer or solution to every problem of man. If you are seeking answers to every relationship issues/crisis, then look into the Word and by His Spirit, you will see the mind of God concerning that situation.

“Does your friend support your dreams and even partner with you?”

For this one, it’s a big YES. Oh! I respect Tochukwu for this. He is always ready to support me at whatever length he can and he is not just supportive but he also partners with that dream. While in school, we had work and campaign in the University of Benin called “#ETMinUNBEN”, this was major work in school, taking the gospel to every student. He was really supportive of this vision. The joy of it all is that lives are was touched.

If you have answered my questions earlier, ponder on it, ask yourself questions about your current relationship, would it help me stay on track or take me off track in regards to where God is taking me to? Is this relationship all about fulfilling my fleshly desires? Well, that’s left for you to answer. It’s time to make the right investment in your friendship today. I was glad when a friend of mine told me she wants to get to know her friends better, she is currently building a healthy relationship with her friends.

Never forget that you can’t take God out of your relationship, if you do, all that you get is a crisis. Jesus said in John 15:5 “…for apart from me you can do nothing”. Don’t try to sideline God. Don’t only know him on a Sunday morning and after that no more, get him involved in your daily activities. Get Him to involve in your relationship. Your relationship as a believer is an act of worship to God. Honour God with your relationship.

This article is not for “serious-minded fellows” like my friend (smiles). But to all those who see a need to improve and to take their relationship to the next level and to get Jesus involved in all that they do.  The article first appear here on his website Eromose’s Website

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