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Will You Be Comfortable with your Partner Having a best Friend of the Opposite Sex?

It is another amazing Friday and you are welcome to Real Talk With Tee. On today’s episode, I sincerely want your candid opinion on this, and as usual be Real as ever.

Is it really possible to have a best friend of the opposite sex with no strings attached? Maybe as students or a corp member?

There are two kinds of people in this world I think: those who think guys and girls can just be friends, and those who don’t. Where do you fall under?

Just friends….no strings attached, no intention of crossing the line by catching feelings or having sex! While I choose to remain on the fence, we can all agree that there is unending struggle of always having to keep your guard up and defend the platonic nature of the friendship.

That being said, there is an edge to having a BFF from a different gender. But it is not about me today, I want to hear from you.

Send in your comments and please share this link with your friends to hear what they have to say as well.

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